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Gossamer routinely performs maintenace upgrades to the FREEBSD operation system and to the extensive port installation used to provide our many services. You can see if we are working on something here.

12/18/2023 Upgraded ICU, updated 550+ dependnet ports. Some services were down for a short time.

12/07/2023 Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p9 GENERIC

11/05/2023 OpenSSL 3.0 security update completed(900+ ports) early am, replaced maiad(pear support deprecated)with amavisd, Postfix service back online approx 10am

11/04/2023 OpenSSL 3.0 security update, various services will be temporarly unavailable as they are rebuilt

10/05/2023 Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p6 GENERIC

09/14/2023 Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p5 GENERIC

09/04/2023 Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p4 GENERIC

08/17/2023 Upgraded to Apache Tomcat/10.1.12, Apache Tomcat service restored

08/14/2023 Updated SOPE configuration, SOGo service restored

06/13/2023 Updated Maia MailGuard

06/13/2023 added virus scan backup, clamav 1.0 db unavailabe, mail service down for several hours

06/12/2023 rebuilt 500+ ports for ICU update

06/11/2023 FreeBSD 12.4 release upgrade

03/15/2023 ruby3.1/rubygems6.1 upgrades complete

01/05/2023 Maia Mailguard PHP8.1 port complete, in beta test

12/30/2022 Maia Mailguard PHP8.1 port upgrade in progress

12/27/2022 (am) upgrade to PHP8.1 complete, postfix, wordpress service restored. Maia Mailguard reinstallation pending

12/26/2022 (pm) upgrade to PHP8.1 in progress, some services (wordpress,maia,postfix) will be unavailable during the upgrade

10/22/2022 deprecated DB5

08/23/2022 Added dovecot-auth jail to firewall

08/13/2022 Updated to FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE-p6

07/23/2022 deprecated Rainloop - no support, deprecated SquirrelMail

07/23/2022 updated theme for tahoestores.net

07/23/2022 deployed CleanTalk contact form on tahoestores.net and tahoestores.com

07/20/2022 integrated CleanTalk with PHPMailer, deployed contact form on tahoestores.org

07/11/2022 completed WCAG updates on tahoestores.org

07/10/2022 Interfaced SOGo to Postfix and released, added memcache service

07/09/2022 reinstalled SquirrelMail and Rainloop, deprecated Roundcube

07/07/2022 DKIM, SPF, and dMARC added to postfix server, SPF DNS records updated

07/05/2022 FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE-p5 upgrade complete

07/01/2022 Port upgrade for python3.9 complete

05/01/2022 Port upgrade for openldap24 (openldap25 failed). Upgrade complete, several services will be down during the upgrades

04/10/2022 Port upgrades for ICU update completed.(583 ports require updates), some services may be down during the upgrade

03/01/2022 Migration to tahoestores.org with FREEBSD12.2 complete

01/18/2022 Build of and migration to a new FREEBSD12.2 server in progress


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